Sawadee Khrap There, Kids

Posted on : 11 28 2012

Sawadee Khrap There, Kids


So the end of the world came and went just as quickly and I could not sleep for days. Now I realize there is a lot of genuine damage and I saw the state of Atlantic City and Manhattan so I do hope everyone is safe and sound. Cool Hearts Muay Thai Camp is lucky to have only had to close for a single day Monday.

In the face of adversity I always try to glean some positive and I am super excited for me favourite holiday, Halloween and many of you know the Frankenstein fixation I seem to have (one of me most memorable & inspired costumes to date is Frank Sinatrastein)so what better costume than… Frankenstorm ? It’s a gimme! And any of ye that feel you’re too old to dress up- shame on you! Never to old to train OR laugh at yourself (hopefully not at the same time) and I am living proof that no man is EVER ‘old enough to know better’.

I’m also excited to celebrate Dempsey’s 7th birthday (he’s born 10/30 -Devil’s night),which I and the rest of the pups (Pork Chop & Suriyothai) will do Sunday after the Warrior’s Cup Saturday night. check out Cool Hearts FB page for pix. Yes, I’m THAT much of a nerd that I have puppy parties for dog birthdays… ‘cake’ (usually a bone shaped dog cookie with name and all from, Just For Dogs Gourmet, in Center City), candles, and gifts. What is the canine, male equivalent of ‘crazy cat lady’

So while I could (and often do) ramble on senselessly, there is a bit of Camp news to discuss here. Hopefully the Warrior’s Cup will still happen Saturday 11/3 but Big Sandy has had an impact there and we are waiting for confirmation. As it stands, our own WKA World Championship silver medalist, Christina ‘X’ Peteraf and ‘Sweet Baby’ James Gregory will be competing on another great card. Props to Chris Tran for consistently matching and hosting really exciting fights. Tickets are available at Camp and we will keep everyone posted as to postponement/ cancelation.

Only a week later another Cool Hearts rising star, Katerock Allen, will be fighting @ Madison Square Garden on TakeOn Productions’ Muay Thai at the Mecca for her first amateur title. This coming of her 1minute 9 second KO of her lSt opponent @ Bally’s A. C. at last TakeOn. It took me 20 years and 97 total fights to get to MSG and Kate has done it in only 3 of each! But we’ll give her that as I clearly got the good looks (ok, ok…stop laughing).

I think I’ll leave all you cats and kittens with that thought. Oh, and the reminder that our schedule change goes into effect Monday 11/5 to add more evening muayThai classes. So PS – NO EXCUSES…get in to train.

Chok di,
Kru Rigel
PS if you have yet to check out Baan Thai on Liberties Walk across from The Sweet Spot, do yourself a favour. Great food, Northern /Isarn style Thai food and really great family. Let them know you’re from Cool Hearts & remember to Wai.

PPS: As I write this post I have just been informed that the Warrior’s Cup has been canceled.  We will keep you informed if and when they reschedule.