Muay Thai

Cool Hearts Muay Thai is Philadelphia’s most authentic Muay Thai program. Whether your goal is fitness, self-defense, building confidence, or even becoming a professional fighter, you will accomplish it through an authentic Muay Thai curriculum. Trends come and go, but Muay Thai has lasted more than 3,000 years. We know that is for a reason, and are committed to providing you with real Muay Thai.

Muay Thai has an ancient and beautiful history. As a martial art, it has proven itself time and again throughout Thai history as the Thai people used it to defend their country. It is also closely intertwined with the Buddhist tradition and local Thai culture, with many of the ceremonies and traditions preserved in its present form as a ring sport. At Cool Heart Muay Thai, we respect and honor this tradition, doing our part to preserve the art in all its beauty.

Cool Hearts Muay Thai produces some of Philadelphia’s top Muay Thai kickboxing talent. It also produces fit, driven, motivated and happy students. Whether you want to compete, learn how to handle yourself in a self-defense situation, or just get in a great work out and get into fantastic shape, we will get you there. Muay Thai offers many different paths, and whichever you choose, Cool Hearts Muay Thai will help you walk it successfully.



Yoga concentrates on health and purity of the body, and Vinyasa yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, connected to breath. Employing a full range of advanced poses to therapeutic poses and hands on adjustments, there is something that will benefit every student, no matter what your level of experience. Through yoga, we can reap the benefits of an increase in flexibility, balance, body awareness, and prevent injury, while increasing core strength and endurance as well as expand breathing techniques. The meditation of yoga also offers a nice way to balance the fast-paced Muay Thai training, it’s calming nature allowing us to better keep a Cool Heart.

Combat Conditioning

Combat Conditioning classes will consist of a variety of Kettlebell and weight exercises as well as calisthenics and body weight drills.  These classes are designed to increase core strength, stamina, and explosiveness.  The goal is not to increase mass but to build real world strength and power and develop lean musculature. These classes will be geared to improve athletic performance in general with an emphasis on combat sports.  These are all level classes open to anyone wanting to challenge themselves and become fighting fit.