Cool Hearts Muay Thai offers the best Muay Thai training in Philadelphia. Our Muay Thai instruction is top-notch. Head instructor, Kru Rigel Balsamico, has more than 100 fights and is a former world champion.

Kru Rigel is also a world-class trainer, having trained other international and national champions as well as countless competitive amateur fighters. He has also helped thousands of students learn Muay Thai in Cool Hearts Muay Thai classes through personal, hands-on instruction you simply won’t find elsewhere. Second in command is Kru Rigel’s star student, himself a world champion and K-1 kickboxing star, Justin Greskiewicz.

The Muay Thai teaching staff is rounded out by other competitive fighters trained by Kru Rigel. Whether your goal is to become a competitive fighter, learn how to handle yourself, or get in fantastic shape, you will learn real, high-quality, authentic Muay Thai from experienced and knowledgeable practitioners.

In addition to top-notch Muay Thai instruction, Cool Hearts Muay Thai also offers a lifestyle through classes that complement our core Muay Thai curriculum. The first is our strength and conditioning class. Through kettlebell and body weight exercises as well as calisthenics and plyometrics, the class develops both functional strength and muscular endurance that complement your Muay Thai training.

Another part of our lifestyle program is our Vinyassa yoga class. Yoga aids in not only recovery and flexibility, but also in mental calmness and focus. The moving meditation of yoga offers a nice balance with the active nature of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai and Nutrition

If you need support knowing what foods to eat to aid your training and your fitness goals, we have a house nutrition expert who will work with you to help you come up with a nutrition plan that works for you.

Cool Hearts also offers a strong sense of camp spirit and family. We like to support our fighters by cheering them on as a team and hosting watching parties for fights at camp, and we often go out to eat together as a team after training.

We try to do everything possible to offer a lifestyle, centered on our Muay Thai curriculum, that allows our students to be happy, healthy, and to reach their individual goals, whatever they may be.