Stacia Nero

Posted on : 01 20 2012

Stacia fell in love with yoga after suffering an ACL and meniscus injury in 2003.  Prior to her knee injury, Stacia was an athelete and a dancer.  She sought yoga for its healing and regenerative qualities to aid her recovery.  Continuing to expand her practice, she completed the Dhyana yoga teacher training in 2010.  Since then, she has taught a variety of students of various yoga experience levels and physical abilities.

Stacia’s aim is to make the benefits of yoga accessible to students.  Her classes provide a scalable version of Vinyasa yoga.  Employing a full range of advanced poses to therapeutic poses and hands on adjustments, there is something that will benefit every student, no matter what your level of experience

Stacia’s goal is by adding a yoga practice to our training program we can reap the benefits of an increase in flexibility, balance, body awareness, and prevent injury.  Through yoga, Stacia hopes to increase core strength and endurance as well as expand breathing techniques.