Kru Rigel Balsamico

Posted on : 10 25 2012
Kru Rigel Balsamico - better known as Kru, is the head coach here at Cool Hearts Muay Thai. He's a scary looking dude but when it comes down to it - he's a really nice, educated book-worm who LOVES muay thai. But like, he's able to kick most peoples heads off and punch holes in the moon. No big deal.

Rigel BalsamicoSince moving to Philadelphia in the summer of 2005 Kru Rigel has been a driving force in Muay Thai training and MMA training both in Philadelphia and internationally. Kru Rigel and the Cool Hearts Muay Thai Camp have established a well known reputation for producing accomplished Muay Thai fighters at every level, up to professional champions in highly touted organizations such as the WKA, Friday Night Fights NYC Series, Elite XC, and Belllator Fighting Championships.

The Cool Hearts Muay Thai Camp family tree reads like a “who’s who” of Muay Thai and MMA in Philadelphia. Fighters trained by Kru Rigel and have gone on to become successful competitors and trainers at gyms and camps all over Philadelphia including: BJJ United, Fight Firm, Balance Studios, Fight Factory, and many others.


Two time U.S. Amateur Champion at Middleweight and Super Middleweight
1996 Winner of 1st Warrior Champions – Super Middleweight
1997 – ISMTA Champion – Middleweight
1997 – WKMA Champion – Super Middleweight
1998 – IAMTF US Champion – Super Middleweight
1998 – King of the Ring Champion – Super Middleweight
Undefeated in the US and undefeated at Super Middleweight

Professional Record

  • 24-7 with 11 KO’s
  • Including wins at :
    Gawilla Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand,
    TV5 Thailand
    Queen’s Birthday Celebration, Bangkok, Thailand