About Us

“We Fight Sexy” — From Team Captain, Justin Greskiewicz

There's a special kind of person drawn to our camp. I mean, there are lots of reasons that someone would start training. Some people want to train Muay Thai just to get a sweat on and get in shape. Some people train to impress girls (or guys) or their buddies or even themselves. Some want desperately to feel tough. Some love watching fights and just want to try it out themselves.

But, there is a huge majority of students at our camp that have made a lifestyle change through training. These kind of people find training to be a catalyst for changing their diets, social interactions, vices, and personal style. I had a conversation with some people about what the phrase “We Fight Sexy” really means.

Of course, it started as a little joke to break the nerves before a fight. Kru Rigel told me, “Remember, fight sexy. Anybody can fight hard, fight sexy. Win or lose, doesn’t matter, just fight sexy.” It made me laugh a little, but it made total sense at the same time. It’s important to show well, not just win. In order to honor your teammates, your trainers, your camp, you need to go out there and represent well.

Of course, winning is great, but it’s more important to go out there and show everybody what you come from. I’m proud of my camp. I’m proud of what we’ve done. Even more so, I’m proud of who we are and what we represent. People dedicate themselves at Cool Hearts. It’s pretty amazing. So many of the kids share books and have conversations about the paleo diet or the warrior diet. They talk about their training, their strength routines and the runs they do. They all want to better themselves. It’s awesome. People care about getting better.

They’re not just here to go through the motions and brag about how awesome they are. That’s why they are so friggin awesome. Plus, we have the flyest gear-wearin, tightest grip-sportin, dopest hat-rockin group of stylish cats kids on either coast. Seriously, our game is top notch. Let’s let everybody know. WE FIGHT SEXY!