‘Shaven’ Bobby Slavin

Upon approach, Bobby looks like a really nice lumberjack – and you know what, he is a really nice lumberjack. The only difference is that he chops people’s head and legs off with his kicks… no ax needed. Height: 5’ … Read Allthisjawn

Christina ‘X’ Peteraf

Christina hits REALLY REALLY hard and she works tirelessly to hit even harder. She’s one of our top female fighters and teaches classes on Wednesday nights. For real, do what you can to take a few of her classes. Christina … Read Allthisjawn

Jenn “Smash” Szeker

From Jenn: Muay Thai is one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life both mentally and physically. There is so much to appreciate about Muay Thai and fighting. This is what keeps me motivated and thirsty for … Read Allthisjawn

Dean “The Machine” Roberts

Record: 2-1 Fight weight: 155lbs Height: 5′ 10″

Rob “Mac” McNamee

His seemingly effortless training, quick-witted sparring, and how fast he burns food as fuel made us think for a long time that “Rob” was short for robot. Since he has convinced us that his insides aren’t made up of gears … Read Allthisjawn

Stacia Nero

Stacia fell in love with yoga after suffering an ACL and meniscus injury in 2003.  Prior to her knee injury, Stacia was an athelete and a dancer.  She sought yoga for its healing and regenerative qualities to aid her recovery. … Read Allthisjawn